Improve Engagement

LiftIgniter’s machine learning personalization recommendation and discovery system enables every website and app to have a 1:1 “conversation” with users. Every user action should have an intelligent, dynamic and perfect reaction by the site.

Businesses use LiftIgniter where the mandate is to improve engagement, click-through and conversion. Caring about delighting users is critical.

Personalized Content – articles, videos, pictures, products – for each user at each point in time. Personalized content is proven to lead to higher engagement, higher CTR and higher conversion. Happier users equal increased revenue & profit.

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“Personalization enabled us to improve our CTR and engagement by 50% – 100% on mobile and desktop with zero extra marketing spend. The value of personalization is in the data – users prefer content that is personalized to them. This is the future.” The CEO continued, “if recommendations are not your core business, it’s much more cost effective to outsource to top machine learning engineers than build personalization in-house.”

– CEO, Top Publisher with hundreds of millions of pages views.


Publishers have a ton of content – articles, videos, photos. The right type of content changes per user. Set personalization rules – show only Y content to B users, show only Z content for the next 48 hours during this event, only show content older than 30 days (monetize your long-tail content), and much more. LiftIgniter’s personalization algorithms run 24/7 to personalize the experience for each user – even brand new users. The cold start problem, solved.

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“We did a 5-way multivariate A/B test to find the best machine learning personalization system. LiftIgniter was the clear winner.”

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“We have users around the globe who come to us to find the right piece of information. LiftIgniter enables us to show them that content without extra work on their part. Users learn that we are the place for the content they care about.”

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“As an old fashioned journalist, I was skeptical of LiftIgniter but the results were clear: article suggestions that are perfectly tailored. We wanted long-tail content displayed that no other tool could find in a relevant way. LiftIgniter nailed it and now our visitors are reading more Pando articles per browsing session than ever before – and so am I.” – Editorial Director

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“Our sites and teams are technical. We love infinite scroll but wanted to make sure when you scroll, the user was constantly receiving stream of valuable content no matter which of our sites they were on. LiftIgniter made this possible.

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“As the co-founder of major media properties, I’ve tested almost every web tool and service but LiftIgniter’s simple A/B test proved the power of personalization – doubling our CTR.” – Alan Jay, Founder

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“LiftIgniter enabled us to improve our CTR and engagement by 50%-100% depending on location. Personalization is the future.” – Co-Founder & CEO

Content Aggregation

Is your site filled with photos, videos, articles or other other content? Do you use tags and some sort of search to help users find what they think they want but your pages per session is low and conversions are lower than you’d like? That is because users are not finding the content they want. The challenge is that they do not even know what they want – they are missing the right search term or don’t think about how one item is connected to another. LiftIgniter sorts through all options to find the perfect match. The user finds the content they want without effort – leading to higher conversion and more pages per session.

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“We’re a deeply analytical company with a belief in building important tools ourselves. Discovery & recommendations are critical to Ranker. LiftIgniter convinced us to do a test. We’re glad they did. Users are engaging, clicking, and returning more. LiftIgniter truly is a personalization powerhouse.” – Chief Technology Officer,


You have products. You want buyers to find those products. You have limited space on your website. Search misses the context of what your buyer wants. LiftIgniter personalizes the products each user sees at each point in time. Higher conversion on every click and view. Stop wasting your site space. Make your recommendations areas efficient with e-commerce personalization so each buyer finds what they want at the exact moment they are ready to purchase.

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“Users + the perfect item = winning combination. We thought we had it. We have thousands of items that quickly disappear. LiftIgniter supercharged Listia – 200% improvements in item clicks, 125% improvement in bids, 50% improvement in conversion. ‘Nuff said.” – Co-Founder & CEO, Listia

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“E-commerce is two parts: First, convincing a user to visit your site and second, once they arrive, convincing them you have the products they want to buy. Basic recommendations did not do our product selection justice. We missed sales. LiftIgniter took our product discovery to a whole new level. It gave them personalized jewelry recommendations, for each shopper, at each point in their shopping experience. There is no need for them to shop anywhere else!”

Mobile Apps

Mobile apps have two big business challenges: 1. Convincing a user to download the app. 2. Engaging the user from the first click. LiftIgniter’s personalization matching engine is able to determine, from the very first visit, what content or item is perfect for that new user to see. That means more engagement and an increased chance of the user returning over and over again. We all have ADD and if we don’t find what we want in App 1, we move to App 2. With LiftIgniter, if you have the item, users will find and engage with it. No effort required. LiftIgniter works on both iOS and Android.