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Sports Direct gained 1000s of customers and boosted click-through rates by 207% with LiftIgniter

The UK’s most prominent sporting goods retailer uses LiftIgniter to score more sales and provide a winning customer experience.

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Triple-digit increase in clickthrough-rate and double-digit increase in conversions.
“Every single time we ran a test, LiftIgniter blew us away. They beat what we were doing internally.”
19.3% increase in conversion ratio and a 19.2% increase in revenue per visitor.
“It was easy to implement and delivers impressive results.”
Sports Direct
An incredible 207% increase in CTR.
"We’re very happy with the results (..) a major positive impact to our bottomline."
SEO: Finding the best result
Demonstrating discoverability of properly-indexed results.
LiftIgniter recommendations are getting indexed, as the titles of recommendation items are discoverable in the text of search results snippets.

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“We’re very happy with the results we’ve seen using LiftIgniter, not only was the implementation easy and painless, the impact to our customer experience has major positive impact to our bottom line.”

E-Commerce Manager

“We were really looking for technology that would add value and that we could use on various DOCOMO properties. We didn’t really understand personalization at the time, but through LiftIgniter, we realized that we could significantly improve our user experience if we started personalizing using real-time machine learning.”

#1 Mobile Phone Operator (Japan)

“We’re a deeply analytical company with a belief in building important tools ourselves. Discovery & recommendations are critical to Ranker. LiftIgniter convinced us to do a test. We’re glad they did. Users are engaging, clicking, and returning more. LiftIgniter truly is a personalization powerhouse.”

Chief Technology Officer
Ranker, Digital Media Company, LA

“Users + the perfect item = winning combination. We thought we had it. We have thousands of items that quickly disappear. LiftIgniter supercharged Listia – 200% improvements in item clicks, 125% improvement in bids, 50% improvement in conversion. ’Nuff said.”

Co-Founder & CEO
Listia, Online Marketplace

“We began using Liftigniter to power content recommendations on our flagship news site early in 2019 and saw an immediate lift of 66% in CTRs. We then rolled Liftigniter out on our many community sites and in some cases saw CTRs jump more than 200%. We are very pleased with the results and are looking to expand our use of LiftIgniter as an engagement driver across all of our sites in 2020.”

Angus Frame
SVP, Torstar Corporation

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