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LiftIgniter applies machine learning to first-party behavioral data (without invading privacy) to personalize product and content recommendations on your site.

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How LiftIgniter works

We use a proprietary real-time model — combined with extremely scalable cloud-based global architecture — to optimize content recommendations for media and eCommerce clients in milliseconds.

Same day deployment

Setting up LiftIgniter can be done quickly, and easily:
Activate LiftIgniter

Start by simply adding the LiftIgniter tag to your site. The JS Beacon immediately begins collecting user activities.

Start collecting

Through the LiftIgniter console, turn on catalog scraping to collect product metadata and browsing history

Control results

Maintain full control over what, where and how the results are displayed with the easy-to-use console

View performance

Start viewing the performance as well as inventory and audience insights in our dashboards

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Customize content recommendations, intelligently

Using a pipeline process that continuously tests different algorithmic combinations, LiftIgniter finds the right content for your audience by:
Assessing the right KPIs

Collecting first-party, data-driven activities like time on page, clicks, paths, and conversions

Leveraging robust databases

Storing over 100M items in global databases for analysis and scores over 1M items a sec

Targeting consumers effectively

Displaying personalized content by using a variety of machine learning techniques

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Control your KPIs

Optimize how well content resonates with your audience by:
Flexible deployment

Testing and previewing content before deployment

Assessing performance

Viewing real-time metric performance like CTR, viewable CTR and conversion metrics

Customizing outputs

Adding, modifying, and testing unique filters and boosts to customized audiences

A/B testing

A/B testing layouts or filtration rules to determine the most optimized version of your recommendations

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