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Experience is Everything: Why Real-time Personalization Matters in a Post-GDPR World

August 27, 2018
2 min reading time

LiftIgniter recently hosted a webinar with Internet Retailer featuring Brian Solis, a serial author, influential digital anthropologist, and highly sought after principal analyst. Brian discussed the importance of real-time personalization in a post-GDPR world by detailing the connections between the human algorithm, customer experience, and the importance of innovation.

The human algorithm is a way to truly understand a customer. The age of simply creating a profile of a customer by placing them in a certain demographic is fading away. With the ability to understand who a customer is, whether through their values, intent, or other psychographic qualities, companies can utilize the human algorithm as a growth engine, and make marketing even more valuable for an organization. Understanding the human algorithm is a very important aspect of optimizing the customer experience.

As Brian notes, customer experience is the number one catalyst for advanced digital transformation. Every engagement a consumer has with your company is part of their experience. In this new age of ever-changing tastes, a single, quick unsatisfactory engagement can drive the customer away from your company and into the arms of your competitor. With this in mind, the old profile-based legacy system doesn’t cut it anymore. Understanding what a customer feels and values in each moment is imperative to provide a quality customer experience that leads to retaining a customer.

In a world that is always changing, it is extremely important, essentially necessary, to adapt and innovate in order to keep up with consumer demands. The new age of connected customers isn’t bound by demographics, it’s driven by behavior. Nowadays, 90% of customers start their journey on their mobile device, which means that mobile phone use can reveal a lot about a customer, and as a result the mobile experience becomes so much more important for marketers. With all of these touchpoints, companies should provide the real-time personalization and assistance that customers not only enjoy, but also expect.

Everything boils down to customer experience. If a customer has a bad experience--even for a split-second--then they’ll move on, and they’re no longer a customer anymore. Brian Solis was able to provide several informative tips, such as the human algorithm and the importance of always innovating, that can help to entertain and retain a customer.

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