The World’s Smartest Personalization Engine

LiftIgniter routinely achieves 20% – 100% Improvements in Click Through Rate (CTR), Engagement, & Conversion in head to head A/B tests. Businesses turn to LiftIgniter to replace legacy recommendations and personalize their user’s experience.

  • 4 lines of Javascript.
  • Automated, always on personalization that is always learning & dynamically optimizing.
  • Set a goal (CTR, Conversion, Engagement) and that’s it.
  • No work required from your developers or marketers.

LiftIgniter opens up incremental new opportunities for revenue and improved customer experiences. You spend money to get users to your site or to download your app, help them love (and increase) their engaged time.

  • Recommendation in Real-Time
  • Monetize the Long-Tail
  • Optimize Marketing Spend

Personalized Content For Each User

Use LiftIgniter’s personalized recommendations to show the right content on your site or app or for re-capture marketing emails. Leverage the data to improve engagement.

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Your Old Content Has Value, Unlock It

LiftIgniter enables you to surface your long-tail content. You spent money building it. With LiftIgniter that fixed cost can be monetized again and again. Add specific rules to show older content or a ratio mix of original and third party content.

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Revenue Improvement

Companies spend millions acquiring users with advertising on Facebook and Google but forget the importance of the experience once they grab that user’s attention. That math is wrong. Personalized content increases engagement and clicks by over 60%. Stop bounced users in their tracks…by showing them content they want to see, magically.

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User Experience is predicated on serendipitously finding
the best content when they want it.

Machine Learning at scale & in real time

LiftIgniter’s machine learning personalization & recommendation engine is ideal for any content site or app. We enable the perfect match between user A and item Y – all in real-time that updates as your users flow through your site.

LiftIgniter is designed to load data in real-time either via a Javascript beacon or API integration.

LiftIgniter regularly creates models that are 100m features wide and 100m features deep.

Each feature is crossed with the other to find the perfect content match for that user at that time.

Architecture Overview